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Bag In Box EVO oil with 5 liter tap

Bag In Box EVO oil with 5 liter tap

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It is one of the best solutions for food packaging as it protects well from light, heat and air which are also the main enemies of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, in this way the organoleptic characteristics of this precious food are best preserved.

The advantages of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Bag in Box

1. the bag in box protects the oil from the air and therefore from oxidation, the internal bag is vacuum-packed and compresses as the oil is tapped, furthermore the dispenser tap is equipped with a valve that prevents backflow of 'air;

2. the bag in box does not require decanting of the oil, unlike the can which - it is worth remembering - once opened must be completely emptied into well-closed dark glass bottles, it is therefore a time-saving and space-saving solution!

3. the bag in box protects the oil from temperature changes thanks to the cardboard container which forms a sort of air chamber around the bag in which the oil is contained;

4. the bag in box is as solid and resistant as a can, but unlike this one it does not get dented and does not risk rusting;

5. the bag in box eliminates waste, the oil is poured down to the last drop!

It is practical, easy to handle, easily transportable, completely recyclable and also nice to keep in plain sight, perhaps on a kitchen shelf to always have the oil at hand and ready for use.

In short, all you have to do is try.
Good choice and good oil!
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