Making oil is an art .

The Santa Maria agricultural company was born in the Apulian province of Barletta-Andria-Trani, near the Gargano national park and the Saline di Margherita di Savoia , a few kilometers from the sea. This is why Oro di Puglia is a superior quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Lovers of the products of the earth, direct farmers for generations, we work for sustainable agriculture leaving nature free to follow its own course.

  • Collection

    The olives are harvested by hand, only after having reached the right level of ripeness, through the ancient beating technique: first they are made to fall by "beating" the branches of the olive trees with sticks and then they are collected with nets special. At this point they are transferred to our mill for processing.

  • Crushing and malaxing

    Once they arrive at the mill, the olives are carefully washed and prepared for the pressing phase: from their crushing the so-called oil paste is born.

    Once transferred to the malaxer , the oil paste is heated until it reaches the optimal temperatures which allow the water and oil to be separated as best as possible. In fact, temperatures must never exceed 24° .

  • Juicing and storage

    Juicing is the last of the production phases. Oro di Puglia is cold extracted, meaning the extraction temperature never exceeds 24 °. Subsequently the oil is passed to the decanter which has the purpose of filtering the oil from any impurities. It is at this point that Oro di Puglia is ready to be bottled in practical 3 or 5 liter packs and shipped to your home.